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Nothing Causes Acne

Nothing causes acne.

Does that sound strange and illogical to you?

If you are looking for a specific cause to your acne, you have seriously misunderstood acne. This misunderstanding prevents you from getting clear. If you are running after a cause, you are looking for answers in the wrong place.

Here’s the real ’cause’ of acne.

You have allowed your body to deteriorate to a level where it cannot cope with the stress and demand you place on it.

I know this isn’t what you’ve heard about the cause of acne before, but don’t reject it if it doesn’t make sense to you. Let’s use a simple metaphor to explain it.

Think of your body as a medieval castle.

This castle is under constant attack and needs robust defenses. The immune system represents the solid walls. The liver takes form of archers sniping away enemy troops that are within the firing range. The friendly bacteria at the digestive track guards the castle gates.

The castle is under constant attack by an enemy that wants to take over it. Among the attacker are toxins, chemicals, stress and negative attitude, bacteria, virus, and free radicals.

Here’s the interesting part. If the attackers manage to break the defenses and enter the castle you get acne. And as long as they remain inside the castle you keep having acne.

Throughout a large part of your life your defenses have managed to hold off the attackers.

Unfortunately the attackers are persistent. They are on the castle like stench on manure. They want in, and over time their ranks have strengthened.

At the same time you have neglected to take care of the defenses. The troops on the wall grow tired under constant barrage. One by one the archers fall down. Little by little cracks appear on the solid walls.

Until one day a battering ram brings down the gate and the enemy troops enter the castle.

This is the day you get acne.

Here comes the moral of the story so hold on to your hat.

Was it the battering ram that broke the defenses? Do you think the defenses would have held if someone would have destroyed that battering ram?

Of course not.

Destroying that battering ram would have made little or no difference on the outcome. It was the persistent and coordinated attack from the enemy troops that brought the defenses down. As well as the lack of reinforcements for the defenders.

However, most people with acne keep acting as if they could have prevented the disaster by hunting down that battering ram. Or, if they are little more informed, they believe that just by reinforcing part of the defenses, for example archers, they can prevent it.

If you think about this for a while you’ll see that both of these approaches are doomed to fail. Bring down that battering ram and another will replace it. And it doesn’t matter how strong your archers are if the gates are wide open and the enemy can ride in to the castle in massive numbers. The defenses are only as strong as their weakest link is.

What can you learn from looking at acne from this view?

The only way you can break free from acne is to build and maintain strong defenses. You do that by building your health.

Let me explain.

Building health accomplishes two important goals.

First, building health reinforces the defenses by giving them the necessary resources they need. Some examples of these resources are high quality nutrition, fresh air, sunlight, positive attitude and adequate and restful sleep.

The keyword is health building. You can’t magically reinforce the entire castle overnight. But you can kick-off a repair and maintenance program that, in fairly short time, will substantially strengthen the walls and reinforce the defenses.

Second, building health weakens the attackers. The great thing with this is that you can, in very short time, cut the attackers’ supply lines. It’s simple. Just stop doing things that weaken your health. Stop drinking coffee and smoking. Don’t eat processed foods. Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. Get some plants to filter the air in your house.

None of those individually cause acne, but they all add to the force that hammers the defenses. As you drop them you weaken the attackers until one day they cannot break the defenses anymore.

That is the day you get clear.

That is the real and simple truth about the cause acne and how to cure it.

The easiest and the most enjoyable solution to acne is to start building your health. You don’t have to wonder frustrated in the dark anymore. Instead you can focus your efforts on taking action to building health, and sooner or later acne will disappear.

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