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Overnight Acne Treatment to Get Rid of Huge Zits

Have you ever touched your skin and felt a zit forming beneath the surface? Or, have you ever felt a huge pimple growing on your skin getting full of pus, but you “knew” that you could not squeeze it?

Well there is an overnight remedy that will help you draw out that pus-filled pimple. Here goes:


  • Essential tea tree oil (Essential eucalyptus oil will work as well)
  • Active yeast
  • Surgical tape and a cotton square or a large bandage
  • Note: Perform this treatment at night time or just before you go to sleep.

    Step 1:

    Cleanse your skin with a mild soap.

    Step 2:

    Saturate the cotton square or the cotton part of the bandage with the essential oil.

    Step 3:

    Pour a one-half a teaspoon of active yeast over the center of the cotton square. Tap down the yeast pellets to help them cling to the essential oil but do not mix the oil and yeast together.

    That’s because you want the oil and yeast to mix overnight to create a reaction that makes the pus “rise” out of your skin.

    Step 4:

    Now place the oil and yeast bandage or cotton square directly over your pimple. Use the tape to secure the oil and yeast to your skin.

    Step 5:

    Leave the bandage on over night. In the morning your pimple should be completely free of pus and gone.


    Obviously, this method is not ideal for getting a case of acne under control. This method is best for one or two isolated but HUGE ZITS. Though the technique is cumbersome, it does work. Just make sure that your bandage completely closes the oil and yeast over your pimple.

    *The larger or more pus-filled your pimple is, the larger your bandage should be. Overnight, pus will seep out of your skin and into the cotton square. Make sure you have enough cotton to absorb the evacuating pus.

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