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Possible Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal – Acne

One of the possible side effects of laser hair removal is acne. Many patients do not expect any side effects with such a procedure, but doing a little research may help to prepare patients for what they should expect from laser hair removal.

Laser technology has come a long way in the past decade or so, and through the careful application of lasers, doctors and cosmetic specialists are able to help patients remove unwanted hair in a safe, efficient manner. This procedure is designed to bring permanent results to patients, so patients should make sure that this is a treatment they truly wish to have.

The two main side effects that many people experience with the laser hair removal procedure are a breakout of acne and a discoloration of the skin. Both of these side effects are minor and do not present any serious health risks for patients, but patients should consider these possible side effects nonetheless.

The discoloration of the skin often only occurs when the wrong wavelength or medium is used for treatment. There are different types of lasers that medical professionals use when performing this procedure. The type used is determined by the patient’s skin color and the color of their hair. When the wrong medium is used, discoloration of the skin may occur. Patients concerned with this side effect should consult with their doctor for any questions they may have regarding the matter.

The other common side effect of laser hair removal is acne. Many people do not realize the role body hair plays in protecting our skin from bacteria, as it keeps sebaceous glands clear of buildup and clogging. This helps to prevent acne in most parts of the body where hair is present. After laser hair removal, bacteria may begin to show up around areas of the body previously protected by body hair. Patients may experience acne in places they have never experienced it before such as the back, genital regions or under the arms. Again, patients concerned with this possible side effect can get more detailed information from their doctor.

Laser technology has advanced the cosmetic and medical field in a tremendous way. However, patients should be aware of possible side effects of laser hair removal like acne and skin discoloration. Also, patients may wish to speak with their doctor to determine the best way to prevent and/or treat acne after laser hair removal.

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