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Pros and Cons of Laser Therapy for Mole Removal

With the advancement of technology, there are always better ways to do things. Same is the case with mole removal. In the past people used to only rely on home remedies for getting rid of moles but with technology, advancement we do have advanced techniques like laser therapy.

Moles are excessive growth on the skin and very common across people of all ages. In some cases they enhance the beauty and sometimes it is just opposite. Moles are either acquired over period of time or some people have it since birth.

Laser therapy is a very simple process where a light beam is directed on the mole, the light penetrates in the skin, kills the affected pigments and hence remove the mole. However Laser mole removal might not be the best match for all types of moles, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of laser mole removal procedure.

  • Laser mole removal might be the answer for all moles, the reason being that laser beam cant penetrate the skin if the mole is very deep. So it works best for moles which are flat in nature since laser beam can penetrate the flat moles much better then deeper moles.
  • It is a very safe method and less painful or sometimes no pain at all. However the procedure may need 2 – 3 sittings for the complete removal. Basically the laser beam kills the bad skin pigments to get rid of moles so it can take 2 or 3 treatments to completely get rid of bad pigments.
  • Since there is no surgery involved, laser mole removal generally leaves no or very minimal scars.
  • Laser therapy for mole removal is expensive as compared to other techniques like Cryotherapy or excision so you might land up shelling more money as compared to alternate treatment methods.

Your doctor should be able to guide you on what method best suit you, in case you do have multiple options then above points should be considered while deciding on whether to go to laser mole removal.

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