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Scalp Acne – Causes, Cures and Prevention

We could not deny the fact that most of us are experiencing acne. Acne is a kind of skin disease that could not be avoided by most of us. The reason behind the acne and skin breakouts is the blockage of skin pores or overly produced oil in the glands. Acne can be present at any parts of the body that can range from the face to the back area. Acne can also be present on the head and it is known as scalp acne. This article discusses 1)Causes, 2)Cures and 3)Prevention of scalp acne.

1) Cause of scalp acne

There are many reasons behind this form acne and a few consist of

• Stressful moments

• Not focus on the hygiene aspects

• Weather (especially really hot ones)

• Caffeine

• Heat

• Sunlight

• A non balanced diet

• Drugs or smoking

• Wrong shampoo product that does not suit your scalp

• Irregular consistency of hair washing

2. Cures for scalp acne

This form of acne can be so annoying and painful at the same time. As there are many reasons behind scalp acne, there are still treatments to cure the same. A few of the treatments that can be practiced consist of

• Have the assistance of a cotton ball to clean your scalp with the help of salicylic acid products.

• Instead of a heavy treatment shampoo full of different chemicals, use a mild pH shampoo which is gentle to scalp.

• Another suggestion is to use anti dandruff shampoo which is treatment to scalp with a suitable conditioner.

• Oral medication is ideal but consult with the doctor first.

3. Prevention

After all, prevention is better than cure. The main cause of acne no matter what type is overproduction of oil. Even some products that are sensitive to the skin cause acne (any types of acne). Here are a few tips and techniques on how to prevent this form of acne instead of trying over and over again to treat it

• Use a consistent shampoo (do not frequently change the brand too often) and make sure it is a mild type of shampoo (better if it is an anti dandruff shampoo).

• Avoid sharing of towels with others.

• Avoid spas or public hot tubs.

• Wash your hair regularly.

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