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Solutions For Acne – Acne Remedies to Get Rid of Your Acne Problems!

Whether it is just a small, reddish bump or a downright annoying skin breakout, solutions for acne are primarily formulated to help or totally eliminate the causes of your skin problem.

But is there really one, ultimate, and do-it all cure for acne? Dermatologists and experts say no.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

Pimples Differ From One Another

Skin experts could not agree more. Acne is caused by the interplay of both inherent and environmental factors. So don’t just blame your genes and hormones on a downright annoying pimple.

Here are some of environmental factors that may have caused the little red bump to appear:

Stress: Whether it is because of work or just the kids being plain annoying, stress primarily shoots your hormone up high.

Cosmetics: Here’s one of the reasons why you should go to bed bare, from make up that is. Oily, heavy makeup is just known to clog your pores and primarily cause pimples.

Medications and Prescriptions: Most people are unaware of the effect of certain drugs or medications that they are prescribed to take. Dr. Alan N. Moshell, of the Skin Disease Program at the National Institute of Arthritis and Muscouloskeletal and Skin Diseases, cites Dilantin (a known treatment for epilepsy) as one of the thousand drugs that cause acne.

Occupation: Stress aside, your occupation puts you at risk of developing acne more than that of the others. People who work 8 hours a day frying burgers and french fries are primarily at risk of enduring more pimples than those working at offices. Workplace chemicals are also known to have triggered either skin breakout or a number of pimples at some point.

Shopping for Acne Cure

The editors of The Home Remedies Book primarily believe that the causes of pimples and acne are some of the things that are still not well understood.

As no pimple is created the same, skin experts emphasize that there is just no one, do-it-all cure for acne. Therefore, consider your skin type, medications that you’re prescribing to, and even your hormone cycle when shopping for the appropriate and applicable cure for acne.

Natural Solutions for Acne

While there are just so many commercial oral and topical cures for acne, both skin experts and dermatologist still swear in the effectiveness natural and herb-based solutions that Mother Nature had just lovingly blessed us.

So whether you have maintained a little patch of heaven to beautify your abode or for medicinal purposes, here are just some of the herbs that you may want to consider to help your son (or, grandson) to eliminate stubborn pimples,

* Aloe Vera

* Calendula

* Echinacea

* Lavender

* Neem

* Tea tree oil

* Goldenseal

* Walnut leaf

* Witch Hazel

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