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Taking a Hot Shower Will Cause Acne

Have you ever heard that taking a hot shower will cause acne? This is a common question among people with bad acne. The reason that taking a hot shower will cause acne is because when you take a hot shower your pores open up and allow the acne through. This is the same reason that many people shave in a hot or steamy shower. The pores open up causing the hair to become easier to shave and it doesn’t hurt as much.

The cause of the acne is not the hot shower however. Acne is caused by many different things. A hot shower only allows the acne to surface and come out. What causes the acne in the first place is probably something to do with your diet and lifestyle. Acne can be caused by the things that you eat. If your diet is fast food and potato chips then chances are you are more likely to get acne. There is something that you can do to reverse this though.

What you can do to help get rid of your acne is to change your diet. What you should do is start drinking more water than usual. This will help cleanse your pores. What you will also want to do is eat less fatty foods. Try eating fruit instead of potato chips. It will be a tough change but it will improve your acne.

Another common way to change your diet is by not drinking alcohol. I have personally seen someone stop drinking alcohol for about 3 weeks and at the end they said their face cleared up quite a bit and their skin was brighter. These are just a few quick ways you can start to treat acne.

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