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TCA Peels For Tattoo Removal – Do They Really Work? OF COURSE!

TCA Peels for Tattoo Removal has almost become a household word. You may also come across chemical peels referred to as TCA peels, especially when linked to tattoo removal. TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid.

Chemical peels are often used to remove tattoos specifically because of its deep penetrating properties. trichloroacetic acid peels will penetrate deeper depending on the concentration of the acid, however in order for a chemical peel to be effective in removing body art in one session it would need to be strong enough to completely penetrate the epidermis which is the top section of skin (5 layers deep) as the image is held in the dermis. Do NOT do This!

CAUTION: trichloroacetic acid removal is a gradual process. Trying to rid yourself of unwanted body art with just one application will land you quickly at the nearest medical facility!

Use of Chemical Peels at home

Although the practice of self applying a trichloroacetic acid based removal peel at home or without expert help is strongly discouraged, it can be done safely if you follow all of the manufacturer’s explicit directions, and use common sense. This IS an acid and as such, it CAN and WILL burn you if you don’t use as you should! Otherwise, if you do consider using a chemical peel as a way of getting rid of any body art you really MUST plan it all ahead of time and be thoroughly familiar with all of the instructions that come with a DIY TCA Removal kit. Over the past couple of years this acid has become widely available and you are easily able to find a host of sellers in most online auction sites who will readily sell you from concentrations from 30-100% trichloroacetic acid to remove tattoos. Also, please be aware that although most people say that this acid is completely safe, this is untrue because many people still queue up to buy it because it’s cheap when compared to professionally administered tattoo removal techniques.

Where to buy trichloroacetic acid

Acid peels are widely available online, however I will not allow myself to recommend any specific product. I would also advise you to do as much research about specific sellers before purchasing.


Seek professional advice and help. If applied incorrectly, chemical peels can leave you with scars far worse than the image you removed regardless of what most TCA sellers will tell you.


Works for many people (following guidelines and using repeated applications) Cheaper than laser removal and can be self administered.


Unsafe if not used properly. Can result in serious permanent scarring (depending on concentration and use) Pigment disorders and changes to skin colouring (surrounding skin may lighten, sometimes permanently) May only lighten tattoo (instead of remove, normally depends on depth, colour and location of the tattoo.

Skin sunlight hypersensitivity

Well folks, there you have it. However, for further information about TCA Peels for removing a tattoo and for many other removal options you will want to check out your options below.

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