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Teenage Acne – Causes and Cures

Remember when you were in high school and every little problem was intensified? You were getting ready for the dance and what should you notice in the mirror…not now, not there!

Being a teenager is never easy, but if you’re a teenager with acne on your face, well, life certainly feels like more of an ordeal. The same time-weary question arises ‘how do I get rid of this’?

Far from an isolated problem, acne is still the scourge of the teenage scene and strikes up to 70% of teenagers at some point. It is hard to understand why this problem is still so seemingly misunderstood by the general public in this day and age. Outside of infomercials it doesn’t seem that the medical community has done a very good job of educating the public on the causes and cures for teenage acne. Great strides have been made on both the causes and cures fronts.

To be fair, most teens will only have a mild case that will tend to go away on its own, without ever really knowing the reason it showed up in the first place. But for those that it is a problem, it is important to know why it is occurring and what can be done about it.

Those teens that have more than the passing blemish should seek the advice of a dermatologist. There are several causes as well as several ways to combat the condition.

Causes vary. Some doctors claim acne is a hereditary disease. Others consider diet to blame. The teen’s own hormonal activity can be a contributing factor to the presence of acne. A blood test by your doctor will help to determine if a hormonal imbalance is the culprit.

Cures vary as well. A change in diet can help some sufferers. There are several topical treatment options that can be acquired through prescription. And there are a few good over the counter multi-step products available as well. For those with more severe acne that will end up leaving scars there is a drug of last resort (isotretinoin) that is available and does a very good job of totally clearing up problem acne, for good. But it can have some severe side effects, especially in girls. It can only be prescribed and is closely monitored with monthly blood work to make sure the side effects are not occurring.

With the latest research that has been done with acne to determine causes, and the resulting information about diet and products that perform the cure, that scene in front of the mirror should be happening a lot less for today’s teenager.

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