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The Best Acne Vitamin

It is easy enough to rush out and buy an acne treatment from the pharmacy, but you should look into some alternatives.

Taking certain vitamins or following a certain diet can be a good way to treat acne and keep it at bay. Also, this can be used whilst taking medication for acne whether moderate or severe.

So what is a good acne vitamin? Studies have shown that vitamin A is one of the best acne vitamins as it can be effective in many ways.

Vitamin A is an acne vitamin that is fat soluble. What this means is that the body will break it down better because of the natural body fat. Improvements in night vision and hormone production are other main effects of this acne vitamin. It will also help to control the digestive, respiratory function and urinary tracts. The quality of the teeth, skin and bones are also boosted by vitamin A. Not having any or little vitamin A can cause a weak immune system.

Since this vitamin can also cure sever forms of acne, vitamin A is looked on as a very good acne vitamin. To be effective, a dosage is needed in the region of 300,000 to 500,000 IU every day. You must be aware that this is a very high dosage and that is why this level is for severe acne sufferers and monitored by a medical professional such as your doctor or GP.

You must also be aware that taking high levels of this acne vitamin over a long period of time can be harmful. This is due to the fact any excess is not eliminated from the body. When too much is stored in the body for too long, it can be directly linked to liver damage and nerve damage.

Tests have been carried out to find a safer way of using this vitamin in treating acne. It has been discovered that severs acne can be treated safely by taking 300,000 IU of vitamin every day for 14 days and then reduce the daily dosage by two thirds to 100,000 IU for two months.

Two side effects that may occur on a high dose are nausea and headaches. If these side effects emerge, then it is recommended to cease using this acne vitamin. And as another tip, do not take the daily dosage all in on go. It is better to spread the amount of the dosage into smaller dosages to take throughout the day with meals.

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