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The Best Way To Deal With a Painful Pimple Inside Your Nose

If your skin is already prone to acne breakouts, at some time or another, you are going to get a pimple inside your nose. By this, I mean a pimple actually on the membrane of the inside of a nostril which is both uncomfortable and tricky to deal with. Sometimes pimples or sore places inside the nose can be caused by nose picking, especially amongst children who often have dirty hands and fingernails harbouring bacteria which then get transferred to the sensitive membrane of the nostril.

If you are a man who has to deal with hairs inside the nostrils as part of your personal grooming routine, plucking the hair or nicking the delicate inner membrane with the nose hair trimmers can easily start up an infection.

The inside of the nose is one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies and is full of very small blood vessels. Any infection which results in a swelling such as a pimple can quite literally make your eyes water! The swelling can cause the nostril to become blocked and may become so big that it is noticeable on the outside of the nose.

The best way to deal with a pimple in your nose:- Add a teaspoon of salt to a small container and pour in a small quantity of boiling water to dissolve it. When this has cooled, dip in a Q Tip (cotton bud) and squeeze out any surplus salt solution by pressing the bud against the inside rim of the container. Use the bud to gently clean the sore pimple and the surrounding area. If needed, repeat this operation with a clean cotton bud – you must not reuse the same one.

After this, use another clean, dry cotton bud to gently wipe the sore place dry before using another cotton bud to apply an antibiotic ointment directly onto the spot. Make certain that you are not allergic to the type of antibiotic in the cream you choose. As an alternative to antibiotic ointment, natural tea tree oil makes a great substitute as it is an antiseptic but you must be careful to use a very tiny amount because it will probably sting! Repeat the treatment morning and night or as per the instructions on the ointment pack.

The instructions given above should help you remedy a pimple in the nose quite quickly and if no improvement is seen you should get medical advice. Avoid future pimples by being very careful not to do anything that would irritate or scratch the delicate membrane inside the nose. If removing nose hair is part of your personal grooming routine, take extra care to avoid a recurrence of a nose pimple.

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