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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Acne Cleanser

Using an acne cleanser is a simple and beneficial way to treat breakouts, but there are a few rules that go along with washing your face. Some are obvious and second nature, but others aren’t so clear. Read on to discover what ingredients to look for, which ingredients to avoid, and the secrets of how to use a face cleanser in the most effective way.

Do look for an acne cleanser with essential oils.

The most important thing to remember when using an acne cleanser is to keep your skin hydrated. Your sebum gland will over produce oil if you strip your face of its natural moisture, causing build up in your pores and leading to breakouts. A facial cleanser full of nourishing extracts and essential oils will not only cleanse, but also soothe and heal the skin so that it stays balanced and healthy. Need oil is particularly beneficial for all skin types, and works as an antiseptic to keep bacteria from causing acne.

Don’t buy a face cleansers with alcohol or benzene peroxide.

Benzene peroxide is one of the most common ingredients in a mainstream face cleansers you might find at the drugstore. While it does work to fight acne, it leaves the skin on your face dry, red, and irritated. There are natural alternatives that work just as well, and don’t damage your skin. Choose a face cleansers without alcohol in order to avoid unnecessary to the delicate skin on your face.

Do use an acne cleanser each morning and night.

Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s easy to be lazy or forgetful. If you let yourself slip at night and say “I’m too tired, I’ll wash my face in the morning,” you’ll get out of the habit of a healthy skin care routine. It’s important to remove all the dirt, grime, and grease from your face before you sleep on it for several hours. Dead skin cells and oils can build up and cause major breakouts and inflammation. If you take care of your face twice a day, your pores will stay unblocked and your oil glands will produce a healthy amount of oil.

Don’t expect to see results from your acne cleanser if you don’t use it consistently.

Oil production can get thrown out of whack when you don’t stick to your routine. Don’t expect overnight results; it takes time to find a balance and get used to a skin care regimen. Use your acne cleanser at the same times each day, and be patient while your skin heals itself and the natural ingredients promote health skin cells.

Do use an acne cleanser with a natural smell.

Lavender not only has an incredible scent, but it is calming from your skin as well. Stress can lead to break outs, so enjoying your daily skin care routine and relaxing each time you wash your face is beneficial. Eucalyptus, chamomile, and geranium are all extracts that not only help the skin, but also soothe the soul and calm the mind. Chances are, if you love the way your acne cleanser smells, you’ll love using it!

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