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The Only Remedy For Under-Eye Circles is the Eye Contour Gel

The gift of sight is so precious it is, at times, taken for granted. For people lucky enough to have good sight, spare a thought for those whose eyes are far from perfect. Apart from any sight defects, there are other conditions, which are equally troublesome. These are puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes. It is the last mentioned that is so unsightly. In the meantime, during your research to find a workable treatment, here are some home remedies for dark under-eye circles.

Like all the cooking recipes your granny so expertly served up, there are many home remedies for dark circles under the eyes. For this purpose the two most common are tea bags and cucumbers, which give some help but are only interim treatments. They offer a temporary respite until you find an effective solution.

All home remedies are inexpensive but whatever one you choose, do pay attention when applying the remedy. Your eyes are important and need to be treated carefully. Therefore, when placing slices of cucumber over your eyes, do not allow the juice to get into your eyes. The slices must touch the skin under and around your eyes, which should remain closed for a period of five minutes at least. Cucumber eye treatment is one of the most common of home remedies and does have a relaxing benefit on your eyes. If you prefer, you can substitute slices of raw potato for cucumber. Afterwards, wash your eyes with warm water.

If you opt for the tea bag treatment make sure you allow the tea bags to cool after you have extracted the hot water. The antioxidant and caffeine in tea help to reduce puffiness. As with the slices of cucumber or potato, leave the tea bags on your eyes for at least five minutes and keep your eyes firmly shut to stop any liquid entering.

It is all well and good to experiment with home remedies but attention to the following is most important. The rules of hygiene must be observed, meaning that you bathe your eyes as often as is necessary and always after any topical application. Sufficient rest in the form of adequate sleep is paramount and always protect your eyes from the sun. A good pair of sunglasses is a worthwhile investment and your eyes will thank you for it.

In conclusion, no home remedy alone can give lasting results. You should take a few moments to read about the beneficial effects of an eye contour gel, details of which are given on my website.

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