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The Real Cause of Body Acne Revealed

Before I tell you the big secret, there are some points that you should understand, there are various causes why acne can evolve on our bodies, there have been some research about it, many people think that some foods like chocolate, milk and cheeses are the cause. However, the reality is that is just speculation, there is no scientific prove that those are the true reasons of acne.

So whats the big secret that causes acne in the body, simple, the real cause of acne is Unknown, the reason why pimples develop is not certain. But we know from experience what are some or the things that causes pores to block sedum from escaping, although we do not know why this process takes place.

Causes of Body Acne So lets examine some common causes that we know block the pores, create bacteria and make pimples develop on the skin. Take note that some of this things might not apply to your specific case, but are known to affect the skin.

Acne could be hereditary, we usually think that if our parents had a disease most likely we will have it sooner or later. Some people speculate that acne could be hereditary, although is not conclusive.

In woman menstrual activity could be a cause of acne. Some woman experience pimple in their period but it might not apply to everybody.

Dead skin cells and bacteria pores are a cause most of the time for pimple in the skin, this can be due to many reasons, you need to wash your face constantly and if you face produce to much oil, apply special creams.

Certain foods are known to produce acne such as, chocolate, French fries, potato chips, sugar, milk, cheese and others. As I said this can be a cause for some people but not always.

What you should do instead is eat high proteins, minerals and vitamins that can make your skin healthier and help clear and open your pores. Those are some causes of acne, but what I can tell you for sure, is that if you eat healthy and a lot of fruit, vegetables and water you will have a healthy skin.

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