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The Treatment Options For Removing Acne Scar Marks

Acne scarring is a common problem in the world of cosmetic surgery. There are many different treatments that you can seek to remove these scars, depending on how bad yours are as well as how your doctor thinks they can best be treated. Knowing your treatment options ahead of time can help you to make a better decision about what will work to remove your scarring.

Acne scar removal can be done in many ways. Laser therapies, injections of cosmetic fillers, and dermabrasion and other skin treatments are all common practice for the removal of acne scars. Depending on the type of scars that you have and the extent of the damage, you will be able to consider a few different treatments to remove your scars. Taking the time to talk to your doctor about your condition and the available treatments will make the process much easier for you because you won’t be doing it on your own. Knowing that there are options, for some people, is enough to make them seek out treatment that will get rid of the unsightly marks.

If your acne scar problem is minimal, facial treatments and chemical peels might be your best option for treatment. However, if you have a bigger problem or more severe scarring, your dermatologist might recommend laser treatments or injection fillers for depressed scars. Injection treatments are simple procedures and can be used for a temporary solution. Facial peels, chemical treatments, and laser therapy all produce a more lasting result, and some treatments can remove acne scars completely. When over the counter remedies are not enough, you should seek a permanent solution that suits your needs.

Acne scar removal varies in cost depending on the treatments that you choose. Injection of cosmetic fillers will generally cost between $300 and $800 per syringe of the product used, depending on which type of filler is used. The more filler that you need to diminish the look of scars, the more you will spend. Also, you will have to return every four to twelve months for touch ups, depending on the duration of the treatment, which can make this a very expensive procedure in the long run. Other procedures will have a higher cost up front, but generally only require one or two visits to complete, allowing you to save more and get a more permanent solution to your acne problems.

Laser treatment and other therapies range in price from about $900 to over $3,000 depending on the amount of treatment needed and the severity of the acne scar problem that the patient has. There are so many different treatment options that you will not be able to pinpoint an exact cost until you discuss the situation with your dermatologist and figure out which solution is right for you. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover the cost of the treatment. Therefore, you need to discuss payment options and financing with your doctor to see what is available for your treatment. Most doctors offer some type of payment plan, because they understand the huge expense and lack of insurance support for patients.

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