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This One Essential Oil Can Do Wonders

Weight Loss

Many people use evening primrose oil along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise to lose weight. It can be hard to shed those extra pounds so getting a boost from a product that won’t make you jittery or be harmful is important. It can also be used to help reduce the symptoms of PMS including retaining water and bloating.


No one likes to deal with acne, and it isn’t just a problem for teenagers. There are many adults out there dealing with chronic acne problems. The cycle can be tough to break and many of the products on the market will dry your skin. Others will make it red, itchy, and irritated. The solution may be evening primrose oil.

It helps to balance hormones so you fight the acne from the inside out. This reduces the number of breakouts you experience. At the same time, it reduces the severity of them. If you have given up on ending the acne problems, this may be the one solution you need to get changes.

Improve Skin

There are plenty of skin problems people face including Psoriasis and Eczema. This can make them self-conscious. The symptoms can be painful too including itching and inflammation. The use of evening primrose oil can help to reduce them. This will result in the skin healing in less time. It can also reduce the severity of an outbreak if the product is used right away.

Hair Loss

No one wants to see their hair getting thin or falling out. The problem affects both men and women. Using this oil as soon as you notice there are changes to the hair can stop the problem from continuing. Don’t assume you have to just let the genetic nature of hair loss be something you deal with.

It can take a couple of months of taking evening primrose oil daily to see results. However, this is much better than watching your hair get thinner and thinner. Hair replacement therapy is expensive, painful, and time consuming. This can be a natural solution that saves you from such a fate.

Arthritis Pain

The use of evening primrose oil can reduce pain and inflammation brought on from arthritis. It can be taken daily at a low dose to reduce the recurrence of flare ups. Some people find that after about 3 months, they no longer have the limited mobility they once suffered from due to arthritis pain.

Mental Well Being

Keeping your mind feeling great is important too. This supplement can reduce problems with fatigue, anxiety, and not being able to focus. If you often feel that you go through times when you can’t concentrate or you have foggy memory, you may need to slow down. This supplement can help you to feel better and to be more creative.

The additional energy can help you to improve your mood, have more energy to experience, and to be able to enjoy your social engagements. Yet you won’t be taking medications that have adverse side effects or keep you up at night when you should be sleeping.

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