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Top Ten Foods That Are Known to Cause Acne

Acne is something that afflicts tens of millions of people, particularly teenagers and young adults. If you’ve been looking for answers about how to clear up your skin, the solution may lie in your diet. Here are ten foods that a lot of medical professionals say have been known to cause otherwise clear skin to break out.

1 – Chocolate – The appeal of chocolate is pretty obvious. Unfortunately, its sweet decadence is made bittersweet by the fact that many dentists and dermatologists agree that chocolate, even if only eaten every now and then, can cause acne breakouts. This is because of the high sugar content, which disrupts the natural oils of the skin.

2 – Sodas – A lot of soda in a person’s diet is a notorious cause of skin problems. While the body does need a certain amount of sugar in order to function, processed sugar in large amounts doesn’t do it any good, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in most of today’s brands of soft drink.

3 – Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, contain a lot of chemicals that get secreted in small amounts through the skin as the drink gets metabolized. As these chemicals react with the tissues of the epidermis, they can cause blockages in the pours, which can cause breakouts almost overnight.

4 – Animal Fats – Things like steak, bacon, and other animal products that contain a lot of fat can cause common skin problems like acne. The problem is that fat, being a very dense fuel source for the body, causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate strongly. This can lead to breakouts over time.

5 – Tobacco – What causes acne in the first place in impurities, such as dirt, that get caught in the skin for the body to treat as an irritant. Smoke, when it’s inhaled, can get breathed into your pours in trace amounts. If not properly cleaned, it can cause your complexion to deteriorate.

6 – Artificial Sweeteners – Sugar substitutes, while they do contain fewer calories, also contain a lot of chemicals that, when broken down by the body, can cause adverse effects such as acne. Aspartame, in particular, has been linked to many of these issues. This is the reason why a lot of low-calorie soft drinks, which use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, can lead to breakouts.

7 – Butter or Margarine – While genuine butter isn’t necessarily unhealthy, you have to be careful what you buy. A lot of today’s butter is made contains a large percentage of vegetable oil, as a volume substitute. Having a lot of oil in your diet because of the foods you eat leads to oily skin and hair, and those can generate pimples.

8 – Dairy products – Aside from the high fat content in a lot of dairy products, you have to sit and think about where dairy products come from. When you consider that the milk is considered for newborns, and contains hormones that are produced by the mother cow, it makes sense that ingesting large amounts of it could have an effect on your own body’s chemistry. So if you are looking for an acne cure, simply avoid dairy products.

9 – Caffeine – The problem with caffeine is it’s what’s known as an “upper.” Uppers wake you up, which is the main appeal of coffee, but also sends your system into overdrive. This causes a little extra stress on the body, and its natural reaction is to release hormones that can cause breakouts.

10 – Rice – Rice, while a staple part of the diets of many millions of people, is considered a heavy starch. Starches, when they’re broken down, are essentially complex sugars. As you already know, a lot of sugar can cause your blood chemistry to go wild, and blackheads will become pimples as a result.

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