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Types of Eczema and the Common Causes of Eczema

Yes, there are multiple types of eczema, but that is far less important then the common causes of eczema and the treatments for eczema that work. I’m going to discuss several different types, but more important, a treatment that will cure your illness regardless of what type you have.

If you’re dealing with eczema then you undoubtedly know that there are various types. But did you know that the cause is almost always the same? Unlike other diseases where multiple factors can play a role, eczema is primarily caused by inhalant allergy which leads to skin inflammation. In fact, about sixty-five percent of all eczema causes can be traced back to the things we breath in, such as pollen, dust and mold spores.

That’s good news for you, because treating has never in history been better understood. What treatments work? Well we’ll get to that in minute, but let’s talk about a few different types first. Atopic dermatitis or skin inflammation is the most common. We often see this result in red, dry and itchy patches of skin. Another common version of the disease is scalp eczema. Typically this results in severe dandruff or flaking of the skin on the top of the head. The odd thing about this type of eczema is that most people with this form usually have oily skin, especially on the scalp. One of the other most common forms is hand and feet eczema. This is atopic eczema’s cousin, but typically only flares up on the hands and feet.

Like I mentioned above, treating the disease has never been better understood, but you won’t find the information in the doctor’s office. Their treatment has been the same for the last fifty years (steroid cream and possibly oral steroids as well.) Natural nutritionists are finding out that cleansing the body of the toxins or allergies that cause the inflammation to begin with is the best way to treat and even cure the disease. Speaking from personal experience, this does work if you know where to start. And thanks to the internet, finding the information has never been easier.

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