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Using Rose Water As an Acne Remedy

Acne is a curse not only for teens but also adults. When it comes to natural acne remedies, many acne sufferers are left in the dark for lack of knowledge despite the myriad of options available. The key is in finding the remedy that suits you, and using it right. For example, rose water is widely used in the Arab world as a flavoring agent. It is also an ingredient of fruit drinks in the East and cookies and candies in the West. However, not many are aware of its ability to stimulate skin growth and remedy dry skin. Throwing light on more of its properties can help you use it effectively for acne treatment. Read on to learn more.

One of the remarkable advantages of rose water is that it is gentle and suitable for most skin types. The only caution is to avoid using it if you have rosacea. This is because essential oils can aggravate rosacea. And, rose water is basically a suspension of rose essential oils in water. It is said that one ton of rose petals yields just about a pound of concentrated rose essential oils. It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, and helps maintain proper pH balance of the skin. It also works as a skin toner by tightening the pores and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Its skin health properties can be attributed to natural bioactive chemicals, particularly phenylethyl alcohol.

As the name suggests, the “water” part of it can hydrate your skin, increasing its suppleness and minimizing pore clogging. It can be used as a face wash, facial spray or face pack in combination with other ingredients. It is found to work best with lemon juice, one of the most widely accepted acne home remedies. Make a mixture of one tablespoon each of rose water and lemon juice and apply it on affected areas of your face. Make sure that you cleanse your face before the application. Leave for ten minutes and wash off. It is advisable to test whether you are allergic to lemon juice by applying it on your elbow before using it on your face. While lemon juice dissolves dead skin cells so as to open up your skin pores, rose water stimulates new skin growth to promote healing. The end result is natural clear skin that shines with a richer color tone.

In case you are sensitive to citric acid, you can use a mild face pack made from rose water, honey and cucumber. Crush about two inches of cucumber in a blender and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and rose water to make a smooth paste. The anti-bacterial property of honey and cooling effect of cucumber work effectively with rose water.

Rose water is readily available in general stores or you can prepare it yourself by mixing a few drops of rose essential oil with water. It is also a good idea to incorporate rose water based cleansers, toners, face washes and lotions in your daily skin care routine.

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