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Vitamin D Treatment for Acne

Acne is undoubtedly the most commonly found skin ailment. Acne causes not just physical disfigurement but also goes a long way in causing disappointment and inferiority to the people suffering from acne. Acne has stumped people world over including qualified doctors on its reasons and acne treatments.

Dermatologists generally treat acne by dietary regulation and try to lower the intake of carbohydrates and advise to keep foods that tend to cause acne away. Additionally, it has been noticed that puberty tends to bring acne flare-ups with it. In such cases dermatologists may suggest that the endocrine glands are responsible for the acne breakouts. There are a number of creams available in the market for local application that make tall claims about eradicating acne, but by now we all know how shallow those claims are. They may give temporary relief but are never able to completely remove acne.

Way back in 1930’s a very popular acne treatment was discovered by Dr. Aierlin TR Maynard. He used UV light therapy for treating acne. The patients who consulted him were exposed to UV lights that gave 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D to the patients. He was very satisfied with the results and although he did not formally report his cases he is known to have at least 83 successful cases.

Years of research have been able to find and form a relation between Vitamin D and acne. Most people suffering from acne would vouch for a fact that they have a better skin during the summers, when there is an abundance of vitamin D via the sun compared to winters. Agreed there may be various reasons for acne but sufficient dosage of Vitamin D would go a long way in controlling the acne breakouts. More so, if vitamin D deficiency is the cause of your acne a proper vitamin D supplement would banish the acne completely and give you a beautiful clear skin.

To understand how vitamin D treatment for acne works, you need to first understand what exactly vitamin D is and how it is beneficial for the skin. Vitamin D has been considered a vitamin for years but it has recently been discovered that it is not a vitamin but actually a “hormone” and any deficiency causes a hormonal imbalance that causes severe acne. Vitamin D builds the immunity of your body and helps fight bacterial attacks too thereby giving you a clear skin.

So if you wish to treat acne the first step would be to ensure sufficient vitamin D in your body. This is possible through natural means as well as through supplements. The supplement to take and in what quantity would be best decided by a qualified dermatologist. He would study your past history and current medical condition and advise a dosage accordingly. Do not do the mistake of popping vitamin D pills without consulting a doctor. Remember one thing; Vitamin D can help in acne cures but would be extremely dangerous if taken in high quantities as it is fat soluble and gets deposited in the body.

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