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Vitamin E Treatment for Acne

People battling with acne are the only ones who know how frustrating and wearisome this skin disease can be. The various myths surrounding acne treatments make it all the more difficult to treat acne and get a clear skin. Commonly it is also known that when the skin pores get clogged due to excessive dirt and oil they cause severe acne. Amongst the many myths doing the rounds, one says that high vitamin intake may increase the oil production in the body and cause acne. But the bigger question is if this is a myth or fact.

Amongst the numerous causes of acne the one theory that most doctors and researchers would agree upon is that lack of vitamins in the body may cause acne. Vitamin E is a wonder vitamin that not only helps in acne removal but also gives you a wonderful clear skin. Vitamin E treatment for acne is tried and tested by a number of doctors all over the world and has shown remarkable results. It has antioxidant properties and helps in improving the texture of your skin. Compared to the synthetic form, skin specialists prefer prescribing Vitamin E in its natural form as a natural treatment for acne as it gets absorbed by the skin quickly.

The beauty of this vitamin is that although its deficiency would not cause any disease in the body, it works wonders if taken in the correct quantities. It goes a long way in improving the immunity of the body and keeps bacterial, viral and fungal infections away. During cell metabolism free radicals are produced in the body. They are not beneficial for the skin. Vitamin E’s anti-oxidant properties help in getting rid of these radicals and thereby provide adequate protection to the cell membrane.

Vitamin E also controls the retinol concentration in the body that is essential for maintaining a healthy glowing skin. Any reduction in retinol can cause cellular damage and cause severe acne. It is essential for cellular respiration, nourishment of the cells and strengthens the capillary walls thereby keeping the skin acne free.

For obtaining Vitamin E in its natural form you may include almonds, sunflower seeds, beans, sweet potatoes, yam, green leafy vegetables, raw honey and blackstrap molasses in your daily diet. Although wheat germ oil and nuts are rich in Vitamin E, you should avoid consuming them as they may aggravate your acne because they are also rich in omega-6 fats that don’t go well with people suffering with severe acne.

Generally one capsule of Vitamin E a day is sufficient to maintain your skin. In case you are also taking iron supplements don’t do the mistake of consuming them together. Maintain a gap of some 4-6 hours between them. Alternatively you may take a Vitamin E gel capsule, puncture it with a sterilized needle and apply the contents on your face (away from the eyes) too. Prepare yourself for a not-so-pleasant smell though when you apply Vitamin E. You can also opt for skin lotions and creams from reputed companies that have this vitamin as an ingredient.

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