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Warning – Find Out What Foods Causes Acne! You May Be Giving Yourself More Acne by Eating These!

Acne is a result of internal disorder which causes toxins in the body. The oil content too increases and so does the sugar. Certain habits which include hygiene and care are neglected and that too causes acne.

Essentially it is the wrong foods and eating habits which cause the problem. If the food factor is taken care of we can avoid acne from occurring.

1. Fat rich foods. Deep fired foods and other forms of fats like butter, margarine and animal fats become too heavy for our system to deal with. They tend to layer in the intestines and colon and cause the feces to putrefy. This leads to candida bacteria which in turn causes acne.

2. Simple carbs. The simple carbs get absorbed into the blood much too fast thereby causing the sugar content to rise. This sugar in return tends to linger in the intestines and colon and cause the bacteria which gives rise to acne.

3. Toxic foods. Foods that are acidic in content tend to create imbalance in the pH levels in the body and thus cause acne. These include vegetables like squash and corn; the fruits include plums, prunes, blueberries and others. Grains include barley, oatmeal, wheat bran, macaroni, noodles, spaghetti, bread and white flour.

4. Processed foods. These foods cause acne because of toxins such as preservatives, additives and also synthetic colors. Processed foods are heavy on the liver and the excess toxins break out into acne.

5. Animal proteins. These include beef, pork, bacon, lamb, mussels, clams, salmon, fish, cod, sausage, turkey, venison, lobster, and shrimp.

6. Alcohol and Drinks. Spirits which include hard liquor, beer, and wine are prohibitive. So also are aerated drinks, soft drinks and coffee. All of these cause acne.

7. Dairy products. Milk and milk products like butter, processed cheese, ice cream and ice milk cause acne. They are best avoided.

With this list of foods to be avoided any one can comfortably avoid the occurrence of acne or the spread of acne. You need not get alarmed at this list; the point is to observe moderation when eating the above mentioned foods.

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