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Warts On The Hand – Remove Them Before They Spread

One of the places that warts grow on is on the hands. Warts are caused by HPV – the human papiloma virus. There are many types of HPV virus and the shape, color and sizes of your warts depends on the strain of virus that infected you.

This virus is contagious and what makes it more so is that HPV can survive without host for many months.

Most of the time it can disappear on its own after sometime, but it can be a long time typically stretching from a few months to a few years.

These warts can be of skin color, slightly red or even brownish. Usually they are on the back of your hands or near your finger nails or even on your elbows. Sometimes it can be itchy and if you scratch it, it can bleed. Don’t scratch it and since it is contagious do not come in direct contact with people who have warts.

There are various ways to get rid of warts, including some home remedy that has come out and shared in the internet.

Amongst the more traditional ways to remove warts by doctor includes the following:

1. Normal excision with stitches where the doctor will use scalpel to cut away the wart,

2. Removal of hand wart using heat. It is using an electrical tool that will burn away the cells of the wart. In this method no stiches are needed since the heat will also seal the blood vessel.

3. By freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen and allowing the warts to fall off or lancing it off after the warts are frozen.

4. Lastly it is also possible to remove them using laser surgery.

Some of them leave a scar on your skin. If you choose to see the doctor or dermatologist ask them in detail on the impact and effectiveness of the options that are open.

In addition, there are some methods that you can try at home to remove warts from your hands. This include things like using the duct tape, banana peel and apple cider. Often this will take time to see results. It can stretch from weeks to months before the wart disappears.

The key thing is how to keep the warts away permanently?

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