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What Juices Cure Acne?

In your search to find the right acne treatment medication or product for your own unique type of skin problem, you have probably stumbled along some methods that seem a little less than traditional, such as using things like juices and household foods to cure acne either by application or ingestion. Despite popular belief, you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on these acne treatment products advertised on TV and pedaled on the internet which promise better skin in a matter of only days but don’t really work at all. So what juices cure acne and help you get better more radiant skin?

Well, the juices that we’re talking about are not really in the form of a juice per se, they are in the form of fruits that you should be eating on a regular basis, such as apples. You should be eating at very least two apples a day. This fruit has the amazing ability to cleanse your skin and remove bacteria that gets clogged up in the pores which is really the cause of acne in the first place. Bananas are another good way to treat acne. They are a great source of potassium and have been a cure/treatment for many different types of ailments for a long time.

Eating fruit is good for your entire body and you should be doing it each day you are alive so you can have healthy skin and a better, cleaner body. Things like fruits and vegetables help keep our immune system strong so we can fight away the infections and bacteria that cause sickness and yes, even acne. The reason acne is there in the first place is a hormonal imbalance in the body causing your body’s natural oils to become exceeded and therefore those annoying not so little zits and pimples to form almost overnight as it seems sometimes.

Despite the great things people say about some acne products, I have found that most acne treatments simply did not work for me. But after years of struggling to get rid of my acne, I finally found something that was able to almost completely cure my acne in just a few weeks.

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