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Which Is The Best Scar Cream

We all want the right scar cream that works its wonders and gets rid of the ugly and unwanted scar's we have, but the truth is that most people fall at the first hurdle when trying to get rid of the scar with the miracle scar cream that they have just purchased. Now although the scar treatment will not get rid of the scar itself, most creams and lotions will reduce the thickness and color of the scarred tissue, giving the appearance of the scar being there no more.

Most of the products on sale are of the topical form and most if not all have the vitamin E as one of the main ingredients. Once upon a time my parents would swear by cocoa butter as the wonder cream, but over the past few decades, everything from lime juice, Aloe Vera and Bio Oil have been hailed as the latest super scar cream treatment.

Today the most popular brands are from Mederma, and Revitol. Both creams are not only affective for scar treatment, but are affective for other treatments such as stretch mark reduction and acne scar removal.

Mederma uses the extract from onions and come's in a gel form, as with any product, your find reviews that are good and bad, and some studies have shown that Mederma was just as effective as Bio Oil that is mineral oil based.

Revitol is another popular product and in my opinion is one of the better products because of this company's history. Revitol specialize in designing beauty products, and have in their product range, everything from stretch mark treatment to lip gloss and eyeliner. All of their products are designed from natural extracts, and the one element that i love about this company is the fact that they offer a money back guarantee with all of their products.

There are a few things that you'll have to take into consideration when treating the skin for scar treatment, skin hydration is a must, so when you treating the skin do get the regular daily amount of water intake.

Also do give your body at least 12 weeks to get use to the treatment before your able to see any improvement, never believe the bold claims of scar's disappearing within a week, as your skin will need time to get use to the treatment before it has any effect on the scar tissue.

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