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Why do I Have Acne on My Jaw Line? Causes of Jaw Line Acne

Acne, which affects both teenagers and adults of all races, usually occurs on the face, neck, chest, and back. No matter where on the body the outbreak occurs, the cause is usually the same – an overproduction of sebum. But acne can be aggravated on certain parts of the body in other ways. For instance, the causes of jaw line acne symptoms are caused by factors other than sebum production.

Keep Long hair Tied Up.

Jaw line acne symptoms can occur when the hair comes into contact with the jaw line – which is common for people with longer hair. Hair contains oils that contribute to acne. Therefore, it is important to keep your hair off your face, including the jaw line. Hair simply resting against the face – even when the hair is clean – often causes acne breakouts, or slows the healing process for current breakouts.

Avoid touching your face with hands.

When we rest our heads in our hands, we often have our hands on our jaw lines, propping our heads up. This also contributes to jaw line acne symptoms, because our hands also contain oils that cause acne. Keeping the hands off all areas of the face is important.

Make up contributes to acne

Jaw line acne can also be caused by the use of makeup. Makeup tends to cake in the creases of the face. This clogs the pores, and causes acne breakouts. Try to avoid using makeup, or use makeup that is hypoallergenic or designed for sensitive skin. Be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed at night.

Sweat Is a Vital factor in acne

Sweat is another factor that causes acne. When sweat runs down our faces, it often rests on our jaw lines for a minute or two before dropping off our skin. Sweat contains oils and toxins that cause acne. When doing activities that cause you to sweat, try using a head band to keep sweat from running down your face, and remove the head band and wash the face well after sweating.

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