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You Can Benefit Immediately From a Natural Cure For Ovarian Cysts – Learn How Right Here

You may not be aware of a natural cure for ovarian cysts that has been available to women for a very long time. When you realize that women have been dealing with cysts for centuries, it’s not hard to realize that they found ways to naturally alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by this malady.

Using nature’s own tools is not only less expensive and more effective than medical treatments or surgery; it is easier on the body. Cysts are growths containing fluids that can appear anywhere in the body. Some can form on a woman’s ovaries. Ovarian cysts are common during a woman’s childbearing years.

One of the most common types of ovarian cysts — a functional cyst — forms during ovulation. This type of cyst can appear when an egg is not released or the pod that held it remains after the egg is gone. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) creates numerous small cysts on the ovaries. If you’re concerned that you may have one or more ovarian cysts, you must see your doctor. Only a doctor can determine if one or more cysts is present.

Common symptoms of cysts

o Frequent need to urinate

o Infertility

o Irregular menstrual periods, or none at all

o Insulin resistance

o Acne

o Pain during menstruation or abnormal bleeding

o High blood pressure

o Lower back pain

o Weight gain

o Upset stomach

o Appetite loss

o Abdominal pressure

o Difficulty urinating

o Bloating or abdominal pain

o Pain during sexual intercourse

Severe symptoms of cysts

o Shortness of breath and/or rapid breathing

o Acute abdominal pain

o Fever

o Dizziness

o Vomiting

o Fatigue

Many other symptoms are associated with ovarian cysts and PCOS, but these are the most common. If any of these symptoms are causing you pain and discomfort and your doctor informs you that you do have cysts, you needn’t be alarmed. You have natural options when it comes to treating this malady.

What you can do immediately to relieve some of the pain is to remove any pressure on your bladder. It is surprising how much pain can be generated by excess weight sitting on your bladder. Drink lots of water and go to the bathroom often. Another natural cure for ovarian cysts is to increase your intake of fiber. This relieves constipation which, similar to excess pressure on your bladder, causes discomfort. A backed-up colon causes major pain.

Constipation can actually make an ovarian cyst worse. So, to avoid such discomfort, make sure you get as much fiber as possible. Fruits and vegetables are great fiber sources your body can easily manage. Eat apples, blueberries, pears, barley, oatmeal, peas and beans as often as possible. Drinking tea is also an efficient way to get nutrients and antioxidants into your body. Tea will flush out toxins and bolster your good health.

You’ll greatly benefit your overall health with this combination of a nutritious, cyst-reducing foods and drinking plenty of herbal tea and water. The combination will help you to avoid costly, invasive surgery to eliminate ovarian cysts and to prevent them from returning.

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