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Aged Paper Thin Skin – Fix it Now

You may be finding out that as you become older you can get aged paper thin skin not just on your face, but on your arms and legs as well. It certainly can shake your self confidence and make you want to give up on looking and feeling young ever again. Here’ the good part. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, a lot of people are trying to solve the problem of aged paper thin skin by having their own fat sucked out of places where they don’t need it, and having it injected into all the places that could use more fat. What an ordeal, is all I can say. What an expense, and what risk. There have been reports of blood clots from liposuction.

If you look around you you’ll notice that some people age better than others. There’s a reason for it and once you understand it you, too, can look much, much better no matter now old you are. There are complicated things going on in our bodies but it can be explained pretty simply.

Everything we do causes free radicals. Good things and bad. Go out in the sun, exercise, breathe and you get free radicals. Smoking, drinking, drugs, everything gives you free radicals. And what are they? Little things swimming around in our bodies causing oxidation, or rust. It’s nature’s way of making us age and die off. The more we rust, the less our bodies work properly. We end up getting diseases. And this is how they affects the way we look:

Our bodies produce less and less collagen and elastin, which are badly needed in order to keep skin plumped up. Bottom line, the free radicals have to go. The enemy of free radicals is… antioxidants. An antioxidant diet with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables helps. People who eat right look better. But there’s more you can do to avoid aged paper thin skin.

Get antioxidants in through your skin so they can kill off free radicals. Trouble is, most creams don’t contain antioxidants that are tiny enough to penetrate through all our layers. Even if they call themselves an antioxidant cream you must check the ingredients.

Only very few companies are using a new technological breakthrough that reduces the size of antioxidants so they can penetrate. Look for Cynergy TK as one of the ingredients you need. Then you’ll know you’ve found a good product.

Use your proper cream morning and night. It will destroy all the free radicals. The result? Your body will produce more and more collagen and elastin once it’s free of rust. Your wrinkles and sags will disappear and your aged paper thin skin will look young again. Quite remarkable, and so easy and inexpensive.

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