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Aging and Healthy Habits

It is amazing that although we have at our disposal an incredible amount of literature and professional advice about how to have a healthy life, often we tend to forget how a cup of small changes in our lifestyle, can bring us in a good quality of life. Nowadays we have the big advantage, that the same society tends to cultivate healthy habits, and to refuse some very undesirable conditions such as smoking or drinking in excess. Even the advertising of harmful conducts is prohibited or limited in many countries. Let us talk about some tips in order to improve our body and mind.

Fitness.Whole libraries have been written about the value of exercise and every written word has certainly something to contribute. But when it comes to choosing a physical exercise, the first thing we must “exercise” is our common sense. The exercise should be suited to our age, our physical condition and the goals that we have in mind. Undoubtedly walking is suitable to almost everyone, and many authors claim that it is the natural exercise for human beings. Genetically we are prepared to run only in dangerous situations.

Stop Smoking.After all the scientific evidence and the results caused by smoking, it is difficult to understand how many people are still involved with this bad habit. Smoking is one of the great thieves of our health and longevity. There are a number of free resources that can help you leave this habit.

Free Cholesterol Food.

We have the age of our arteries and a key factor to keep this system in good condition is a diet free of animal fats. Feel free to consult some of the excellent internet sites about this topic. Fish, vegetables, slim dairy products and fruits are very good options to keep our body free of bad cholesterol.

Moderation with AlcoholThere is no need to make too many comments about the undesirable habit of drinking in excess. Whether you are a social or daily drinker you must have a lot of restraint, since the harmful effect of alcohol is worst at certain age

Intellectual activity

It is a fact that people who have any mental activity, remain more actives and socially integrated. Simple interests, such as reading the newspaper or crossword puzzles, will help us to keep our mind in order.

Acceptance of the passage of timeIf you are interested in this reading, then you already have a certain time in this world. One of the keys to adapt us in this stage is the self acceptance. Aging is to accept the passage of time as the harmonious flow of the nature and not as some kind of punishment. It is about work, having sexual activity and social life, but adapting all to the new circumstances.

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