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An Unbiased Review of LifeVantage – Is it Worth Joining?

You may have noticed, if you are investigating the LifeVantage home based business opportunity that there is not a tremendous amount of “unbiased” information out there on the net. The majority of the reviews are written by distributors of the company for marketing purposes. I am not a member of LifeVantage so you can consider this review to be completely “without bias”.

When considering any network marketing or MLM company, it is of utmost importance that you understand how and if you can make money. While the product is important as well, it should be a secondary consideration. Remember, you are selling the dream of a successful home based business and the freedom that goes along with that. You are not selling Protandim!

I will divide this LifeVantage review into 3 parts: the company, the compensation plan (can you make money?), and my summary. After you are done reading this entire review, you will be equipped with the information you need to make an educated decision of whether or not joining LifeVantage is for you.

LifeVantage Company Overview

LifeVantage is a publicly traded network marketing company created in 2003. Based in Colorado, the company markets their primary product, Protandim, an anti-aging product.The company website states that Protandim has been “clinically tested” and proven to reduce the effects of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a term used to describe the amount of damage free radicals are creating based upon a blood level of TBARS. OK, sounds pretty good – basically it’s an anti-aging product in plain English!

They also market an anti-aging skin creme but there is no clinical evidence that topical application of the Protandim ingredients has any effect on the skin. They chose to name this product that has not been clinically tested “TrueScience” (Ironic?)

It seems to me that the product is unique in the marketplace, and does have some real-world appeal. One thing that you should be aware of is an on-going 2009 lawsuit against LifeVantage by Zrii, another MLM company. It will most likely not go anywhere but you should still be aware that this exists.

LifeVantage Compensation Plan & How Much Does It Cost To Join

Both the cost and compensation plan of LifeVantage are pretty standard fare in the industry. You need to make a minimum product/starter kit purchase of $100 to be eligible to earn commissions. The Vantage Pack, where most distributors are encouraged to start out with, costs $600. Then, you also must be on a monthly auto-ship, which ranges from $110 to $310.

You can review the entire comp plan at the LifeVantage corporate site.

My Summary

It is not a bad thing that the compensation plan is pretty standard, by MLM standards anyway. There are plenty of distributors who are making really good money in this business. It is a major positive that LifeVantage has a 6-year track record of being in business and has proven themselves to not be a scam in my opinion.

The key to succeeding in any MLM, including LifeVantage, is knowing how to market. The company, and your upline, will most likely have you make a list of family and friends to market the business opportunity to. This marketing strategy can cause friction and have a negative impact on your social life! Plus, how many people actually have an MLM “big-hitter” as a relative? If you do not learn more effective ways to market your LifeVantage business, you will just become another MLM “road kill”.

Most of the savvy MLM marketers are using the internet to market their business. Why? The lower cost of advertising combined with the greater reach PLUS you can get your ad in front of 1000s of targeted leads FAST.

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