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Anti Aging 101: How to Treat Leathery Skin

If you have dark, leathery skin, chances are you’ve abused your skin way too much when you’re younger that is why you’re suffering from such problems today. As we age, our skin will reflect the number of hours we’ve spent under the sun as well as our unhealthy lifestyle habits. The aging process depletes the skin’s ability to hold moisture and collagen over time, but our lifestyle choices can quicken the appearance of the signs of aging such as having leathery skin. There are many ways to treat skin that is leathery to the touch. Let me share to you some ways on how to do so.

They say that prevention is better than cure. So before we learn how to treat the problem, it is important that we know first what causes it. Basically, two factors are most often responsible for this skin problem: unprotected sun exposure and smoking. Over time, we might not see it, but the sun’s UV rays have the ability to destroy your skin’s ability to repair and regenerate. This causes the skin to lose collagen and elastin which accelerates the aging process, hence the dry and leathery skin. Smoking also destroys your skin the same way. The chemicals in cigarettes quicken the aging process by depleting your skin of moisture and collagen. Nicotine is known to decrease the flow of blood to the skin which deprives the skin of oxygen and important nutrients, hence causing negative changes in the skin.

One of the easiest way to prevent your skin from getting leathery is by protecting it when you’re out in the sun. Wear shades to protect the skin around your eyes and most importantly, apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before you go outside. With regards to smoking, the only best option you have is to quit.

Some of you might think that scrubbing your face frequently could get rid of leathery skin. Well, not quite. Scrubbing or exfoliating frequently will only make your skin even drier, and more leathery to the touch. It is still best to use facial cleansers specially formulated for your skin type and always moisturize after washing to prevent your skin from drying out. Exfoliating should be done only once or twice a week. Diet helps too. It’s advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated inside out.

If you’re an impatient person and you want to see improvements on your skin quickly, there are several facial skin treatments that you can try. Laser resurfacing, facelifts and using skin care devices can help get rid of leathery skin at a much faster rate.

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