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Anti-Aging and Exercise

A lot of us know the importance of doing regular physical exercise to be healthy and stay fit. But not all people know that exercise is likewise important in any anti-aging regimen since it can help fight the natural slowing of different systems of the body. Through doing regular exercise, you will achieve a longer, healthy and productive life.

There are different types of anti-aging exercise program that you can do. First is to do cardiovascular exercises to maintain your heart strong and healthy. An example of cardiovascular exercise that you can do is a 30-minute brisk walk a few times per week. If you do some sports, then it’s better. If you like playing badminton, tennis or basketball, then this are a great way to lose weight, and keep your heart healthy.

Next component of the anti-aging exercise program is doing resistance training. In a certain study conducted, a number of men were divided into three groups. One group didn’t do any exercise. The second group walked for certain distances at a specified pace while the third group added weight training during the walking routine. The third group that added weight training showed decreased in the levels of cholesterol plus an increased resistance against illness as well as injury.

The last part of the anti-aging exercise program is the flexibility training that is often the neglected part of the exercise program. A lot of people believe that doing cardiovascular and resistance training exercise programs are enough to take care of their desires. We need to understand that as people age, our joints lose their elasticity and one way to maintain it loose and flexible is to do stretching through flexibility exercises. This exercise program is very easy to do. You only need 10 to 15 minutes of stretching per day. You can also consider trying senior or yoga classes that you can avail on certain healthy clubs and gyms.

Lastly, you should also check you balance because a common problem of senior individuals are falling and getting a broken hip bone. Doing simple, regular, and balance routines will help in minimizing your tendency to fall and injure yourself as you get older.

Cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, stretching, and balance exercises are just a part of your anti-aging plan. You also need to maintain a healthy diet plan and proper health supplementation to help slow down the aging process.

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