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Anti-Aging Angstrom Elements – Bread From Heaven Or Gift From Nature?

The smallest and most bioavailable form of minerals is “angstrom elements”. Food for the hormonal system, food for the DNA, food for the brain and nervous systems, angstrom elements are Nature’s most powerful rejuvenation secret.

Other names for angstrom elements are angstrom minerals, M-state elements, isolated monomers, monatomics, mono-atomics, manna, “manna from heaven”, and “the bread of heaven”. Why the “heaven” connotation? The ancient reference to “Manna from Heaven” was actually a reference to a substance that gave one an experience of “heaven”. “Manna” in ancient Hebrew, actually means “What is it?” It is referred to as “the Bread of Heaven”, having been precipitated from the atmosphere, and which builds in one, the “experience of heaven”.

Ample evidence supports the theory that this “bread” was actually developed by the Hebrews from the morning dew using an alchemical process that concentrated angstrom minerals into a powder form that could be eaten. When consumed, the heart and mind open up causing a sense of well being, a relaxed, more stress-free frame of mind, a soothing and lifting of the emotional state, stronger meridian flow, better sleep, and, if desired, a deeper meditative state. In other words, a small piece of heaven!

What Are Angstrom Elements?

Angstrom elements are single and double atom configurations of an individual element within the Periodic Chart of Elements. Colloidal minerals are clustered groups of atoms or mineral compounds. This clustering process involves 3 or more of the same atom or compound bound together in a single group. To qualify as an angstrom element, it must involve only 1 or 2 atoms of a particular mineral separated by at least 4 angstroms from any other element or molecule.

An angstrom element will behave quite differently from a more highly clustered group of the same atom. It will also produce a more profound influence on body physiology. Angstrom elements move throughout the body with ease, particularly when the body is in an alkaline state. Increasing acidity in the body results in the increased formation of atom or molecule clusters. Clustering of minerals reduces mineral mobility in and out of the cell walls due to the increased size of the bonded group. Body alkalinity reduces the size of atomic clusters, thereby increasing mineral mobility in and out of the cell walls.

Being the smallest version of an unclustered mineral, angstrom elements provide the body with the most bioavailable form of a mineral nutrient. It is for this reason that the effects of angstrom elements in the body can generally be felt within seconds, to a minute or two, of consuming them.

What Do Angstrom Elements Feel Like?

Clearly the experience will vary from mineral to mineral, much like the experience of any food will vary, one from another. Some angstrom elements open the higher spiritual centers. Some open the heart. Others build strength in the kidney/adrenal or reproductive glands thereby strengthening the foundations of the immune system and energy levels. Some nourish the pineal gland resulting in the production of melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Others are effective at repairing the DNA, thereby improving cellular health and all new cell replications thereafter (one of the natural secrets to anti-aging!)

Heightened perception is the most common characteristic felt from consuming angstrom elements overall. Angstrom elements seem to have the most immediate effect on the hormonal system of the body, leading me to believe that they are the most important food for the endocrine glands. The effect on the hormonal system is noticeable and immediate — a calm, lifting effect. Angstrom elements tend to activate and balance the hormone producing glands, with different elements activating different glands. When angstrom elements are drawn from a natural substance like seawater or clay, one will generally obtain a broad spectrum of M-state elements, and thereby affect the entire hormonal system at once.

Where Do Angstrom Elements Come From?

An alkaline body, in combination with a healthy digestive system, (naturally producing a high level of its own digestive enzymes and probiotics), will continually break down clusters of minerals into their monatomic state and utilize them for brain, nerve, hormone and cellular functions. Certain foods, like aloe vera, Concord grape juice, algae, seaweeds, particular herbs, flowers, mushrooms and farm produce (when fertilized properly) naturally gather angstrom elements and store them inside themselves. Soils naturally rich in, or fertilized with, angstrom elements will produce foods and plants high in M-state, providing a vitalizing, brain-clearing experience from consuming them (as well as an extremely healthy, insect-resistant plant!).

Other sources of angstrom elements are mountain spring water, highly ionized air, seawater, seasalts, and various forms of volcanic rock & clay, most of which require some alchemical processing in order to extract and concentrate the M-state elements. Ormalite Clay is the most potent natural substance known of angstrom elements requiring no processing at all to experience their benefits.

So “What is it”? Manna, the “Bread of Heaven”, or a naturally occurring “Gift from Nature”? Well, I have found it to be both!

You can learn more about angstrom minerals by reading this fascinating article on Ormalite.

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