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Anti-Aging Beauty – How to Apply Blush to Look Younger

Makeup can make or break your entire look, and furthermore, it can age you dramatically or make you look fantastic and younger than you really are. Of course, all makeup you wear or don’t wear affects the overall look. When it comes to more mature women, when antiaging is the goal, makeup must be tasteful, even when a blusher is the cosmetic in question. 

Tasteful application of cosmetics is the key.  These tips will help you look appropriate and fantastic:

1. Always choose a color of blush that suits your skin tone;

2. Always use a foundation prior to applying blush so that it applies evenly;

3. Do not use the brush that comes with the blush, it’s too small to apply properly and will streak;

4. Invest in a proper applicator blush brush;

5. If you have dry skin, only then you can use a cream blush, otherwise, you should stick to a powder;

6. Apply the blush from the cheekbone (nearest to the hairline), sweeping forward;

7. Ensure it blends in well for a perfect and natural finish;

8. Before beginning the application, use a moisturizer that is right for your skin.

You should avoid bright reds–no mature woman has that natural tone.  You should be aiming for a natural finish, not one that makes you look fake, or worse, clown-like.  The colors and textures you used when you were younger just don’t work for you anymore.  The skin is different from what it used to be and so is the texture of it.  Rethink it, rework it and you will look fabulous.

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