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Anti Aging Creams – The Miracle Night Worker

When you are heading down the aisle you will notice that there are astringents, exfoliating scrubs, serums, lotions and creams. Most of it is fairly obvious such as exfoliating scrubs are soaps designed to cleanse and remove dead skin from the face. Astringents help remove any unwanted dirt that soap might have missed. Serums that are used to help the skin deeply absorb nutrients into the skin and lotions and creams to moisturize and begin the reversal of damage to the skin, thus the reason why they are called anti aging products. When it comes to lotions and creams what exactly is the difference between the two? First, lotions are not as thick or creamy in nature and are most often used for daily wear. Creams are thicker and creamier that provide the skin a more intensive treatment where anti aging creams are most likely to be used as night treatments for the skin.

These creams are sometimes called perfecting creams or night restorative creams that work while you sleep. They are heavier in texture and moisture so that they are not rubbed off as easily while you sleep. Consider this as most creams contain a much higher concentration of oil as an ingredient along with those ingredients advertised such as Alpha hydroxyl acid, pedtides, vitamins or retinols. Many products advertise their restorative effects and it all happens while you sleep in which you will wake to a more beautiful and youthful you. Another indication that anti aging creams are used for night time is that most of anti aging cream products contain no sunscreen.

However a word of caution for those with oily skins, considering that creams contain higher amounts of oil within the product might irritate your skin or make your skin appear oilier. Should this occur yet you still want the same effect of a night regeneration cream? Follow the same procedure you would use with a cream but use the lighter lotion variety. Use a lotion that does not have sunscreen in it as that property would be better used when you are awake and out and about in the daylight. And if that lotion is still too oily for you, then use a serum which is mostly water based and lighter than lotions.

The point is that no matter if you use anti aging creams, lotions or serums at night it is beneficial to include in your anti aging treatment, to moisturize, replenish and repair your skin at night.

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