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Anti-Aging Doctors – Dr Oz, Celebrity Physician Reviews the Latest Anti-Aging Secret

Many anti aging Doctors support the theory that red wine really is the bee’s knee’s when it comes to longevity.

Why is red wine so effective at helping to push back the clock?

Well it’s not the alcohol although with drinking brings the social angle which is always healthy. But it’s main importance doctors argue is the presence of a naturally made polyphenol known as Resveratrol. Unfortunately, many of us that drink red wine will consume little if any resveratrol as most of the wine we drink today is manufactured to the mass market and therefor more efficient farming practices involve the use of pesticides which restricts the grape from producing resveratrol.

Resveratrol is found in the skin of the grape if the grape is allowed to mature naturally. It’s actually a fungi which helps fight off bacteria but if it’s present in the wine you consume it acts as an artery scrubber.

The people of Sardinia hold the world record for the largest male centenarian population and here the resveratrol found in their wine is three times the level of other what we find on the supermarket shelves. It’s not difficult then to put two and two together to appreciate how useful keeping your arteries well polished has on the anti-aging process and longevity on general.

Of course, consuming resveratrol each day may not mean that you will live to be 100, but if accompanied with regular daily exercise, be it a bicycle ride or work in the garden with a healthy diet and a strong family relationship, this doctors argue is the secret to the Sardinians living long and healthy lives.

Resveratrol however is now sold by the bottle, and each bottle contains 60 capsules which is the equivalent to roughly 1000 bottles of Sardinian red wine so the concentration is obviously high!

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