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Anti Aging Effects of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Generally, omega-3 fatty acids are rich in high iodine content, which helps them to contribute in a positive way to the low rates of goiter observed in countries where people frequently consume the minerals in quantities and forms that are substantial. Some of the most common and well known sources of omega-3 fatty acids are algae and microalgae that reside in cold waters and in several damp regions. These are also about the primary source of the nutrients too.

The anti-aging effects of omega-3 fatty acids have been hotly debated over the years, especially since medical and investigatory science has been largely unable to substantiate many of the claims scientifically. Nonetheless, one of the most obvious and glaring testaments to how effectively they work is that regions of the world where there are eaten in large amounts have some of the oldest and healthiest people under the sun. You don’t believe me? Just look at Orientals on the whole – these guys don’t even have lines on their faces as they age, they hardly slow down, and you know that they don’t have half the disease that we do here in this country.

Besides, omega-3 fatty acids have been harvested for decades and have been used in the production of many of the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams and lotions that we buy on the shelf in the drugstore or cosmetics shop. Of course you know that they work too, that’s why you buy them.

Other sources of omega-3 fats include seeds, various vegetables, and fish. As a matter of fact, many people believe that fish oil is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, although this is debatable. Fish don’t actually produce the substance; they merely synthesize it into their oils from the algae that they eat in the sea. Predatory fish that feed on the smaller ones help to further transmit the nutrients up the food chain. You must be warned, however, that various toxic substances also present in the water are often synthesized along with the oils, which may be harmful to the consumer, so you want to ensure that your fish and fish oil is properly cleaned out before you indulge in it.

Part of the way omega-3 fatty acids help to keep you young and sprightly is by making sure you remain healthy and keeping the worst of human diseases away. Cardiovascular disease and heart conditions, various forms of cancer, arthritis and arteriosclerosis, are all diseases that can be combated by omega-3 fatty acids. Even you know that your old age could be much more exciting when you don’t have to deal with those, no?

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