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Anti Aging Face Creams – What Causes Wrinkles and Will Creams Help?

As we grow older so does our skin. Whilst our skin ages all over the body, it grows much more over the areas that have had the most exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can result in dry, saggy skin as well as excess wrinkles. The parts of our body which are in contact with the sun for the longest period of time include the face, neck hands and forearms, and thus, these are the areas we most commonly see the effects listed above.

As we age the epidermal cells in our skin become less sticky, and thinner. The decrease in stickiness allows more moisture to be released which results in the skin drying up. This is how wrinkles are caused.

Epidermal cells decrease by 10% per decade as well as dividing at a slower rate as we age which makes it harder for the skin to repair itself quickly. Additionally, less collagen is produced when the cells become skinnier as well as the elasticity begins to wear out.

In addition to age, there are several other factors which can contribute to wrinkles. A couple of which include;

– Skin type – People with fair skin are effected by the sun more so than people with olive skin which can result in more wrinkles.

– Hairstyle – People with less hair will get more sun exposure than those with a full head of hair. As previously discussed, the more sun exposure the more damage the skin obtains.

Whilst we now know what factors contribute to the aging process, it’s important to know what other measures we can take to prevent it. Using an anti-aging face cream can be extremely beneficial, also.

There is an abundance of products available on the market and there is a lot of money being spent to continually test and tweak the products effectiveness. By avoiding the things discussed in this article combined with an anti-aging cream, you will be well and truly on your way to the skin you desire.

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