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Anti Aging Facial Skin Care – 5 Tips That Helped Me Look Better Than Ever Before

Anti aging facial skin care – who isn’t looking for the magic pill to make us look young again? Alright, so we all know there is no magic pill, to make our wrinkles disappear or our skin as smooth as a baby’s… But throughout my journey for the best anti aging facial skincare products, I came across some good facial skin care tips and secrets. Continue reading to find out 5 really good anti aging facial skincare tips and secrets… these tips didn’t exactly turn on the fountain of youth for me, but it definitely helped my skin retain its elasticity a little longer and slowed the aging of my skin.

1. When I started drinking more water, I realized that my face (and my overall skin) did feel a little less dry.

2. Another good anti aging tip is that when you apply your cleanser, toner, etc. in the evening, leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes before washing it off. Your skin will absorb the cream much better (so its effects will be felt more) and your pillow will thank you for it…lol. When I did this, I definitely felt the cream go deeper into my skin.

3. I drank green tea often while my friend swore that white tea helped her more – so try both…

4. One more tip that really helped me was buying the cream to match my skin type. You see, my skin is rather dry and I used to use cream made for Normal skin… I did not see much of a difference. When I switched to cream made for Dry skin, I immediately noticed a difference in my skin; it felt smoother than it had for years.

5. Whatever amount of time you spend in the sun, minimize that time. Sorry to tell you, but the sun is your skin’s enemy. It’s the main cause for your skin’s dryness, and hyperpigmentation issues (y’know those brown spots). Have you realized that skin that is not exposed to the sun is less dry?

On hot days or days with a strong sun, I usually wear some kind of sun hat, (especially, if I’m in my garden!) and I try to cover myself as much as I can. I have definitely seen a difference.

I just told you 5 anti aging facial skin care tips that really helped me in my journey for smoother skin. I look better now (at 42 years) than I have for years…

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