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Anti Aging Natural Supplements, Natural Harmony And Vibration

The Law Of The Universe

I can almost see the expression on your face. What on earth are you talking about? What has any of this got to do with supplements? It’s not as far out as you think, as a matter of fact natural harmony, balance and vibration is the law of the universe and governs every thing in it including us.

To modern cultures this a foreign concept. To ancient cultures such as the Chinese this is old hat stuff, acupuncture is based on these exact principles.

By connecting to the energy fields ( the vibration) within cells and using natural remedies harmony and balance can be restored.

For thousands of years and up to the present the Chinese and other cultures have recognized these principles as key to maximum health through prevention.The Chinese believe that maintaining the natural harmony balance and vibration of the body comes first.

We on the other hand almost totally ignore this ancient wisdom and instead rely on destructive and invasive drugs that are the exact opposite by altering the natural balance, harmony, and vibration of the body.

Connecting To Natural Supplements.

For natural supplements or anything natural including us this natural balance is the basis of life. In order to sustain life every creature from micro to gigantic and every cell of all living things have a vibration that is unique to that particular species.

Where this is very significant is in our food supply. For humans the correct vibration (frequency) comes from pure, unaltered, raw plant sources. The brain recognizes these food sources as ideal.

The body can then assimilate these nutrients and maintains the body at the maximum level of balance and harmony. The closer to the ideal food source the more anti aging of the body.

When a severe emotional distress develops, for instance, you experience that “sinking gut feeling”. That is the brain at work, the vibration of the body has become altered. The brain starts looking for nutrients in the digestive system in an attempt to correct the vibration and restore balance and harmony.

We Are What We Eat

How many times have you heard that? But is it really understood.? As stated above the maximum benefit will always come from nature. For anti aging supplements there is only one choice and that is whole foods. Within this group the best are those which are pure green super foods.

If you look at the most predominant color other than blue it’s green. Green plants are the most abundant because they are the source of life on this planet for us and the other species that inhabit our world. The most nutrients can be found in green plants that are pure and unaltered. Live enzymes, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that nourish the body found in green foods contribute the most to natural balance harmony and vibration of the body.

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