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Anti Aging Research – Sirtuin

What is Sirtuin?

Researchers at MIT are going wild about Sirtuins!

However, what are Sirtuins?

Sirtuin (SIRT1 or Silent Information Regulator Two Sir2)is a protein that may be responsible for delivering anti-aging attributes that can lengthen a cell’s life span. Sirtuin was first discovered by its effect on mammalian fat cell. When Sirtuin binds to a fat cell, it turns on the short-term receptors that detect famine. When it is turned on, this will start fat cells to metabolize as energy and thus cause the loss of fat. Sirtuin proteins activate a critical component of calorie restriction in mammals.

Dr. Leonard Guatente, Professor of Biology at MIT, has been studying the aging process of yeast, roundworms, and mice for more than a decade. In his studies of Sirutins, he has been quoted as saying, “For the first time, this study gives us a glimpse of how calorie restriction works at the molecular level. And it will ultimately lead to health benefits in people, no doubt about that.”. When hunger strikes, the Sirt1 protein binds to and represses the genes that are controlled by PPAR-gamma – the fat regulator. The ability of fat cells to sense short-term hunger and release the fat is regulated by this gene. We like to think this applies to people as well as mice, but we don’t know for sure.”

The means that the Sirtins could help stop fat from being stored in the body and if this effect can be transferred to humans, not only will it allow them to live longer, it might also help prevent disease of aging, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Mammals generally burn proteins and carbohydrates almost immediately when consumed, but they store fat in special cells called white adipose tissue (WAT) for later use. When it reduces its caloric intake, the WAT stops storing fat and begins releasing it for metabolism. WAT is also used to make hormones like leptin. Leptin controls the feeling of satiety. Professor Guarente speculates that by putting hormones into the blood stream, fat cells will cause the body to age faster.

This study has not been conducted in humans, however. Because fat or the lack of it, has vast implications in the lives of people, therefore, putting them on a stringent diet like the one given to rodents aren’t feasible. That would be like cutting a person calorie intact by half – essential eating one meal every two days. However, if pharmacists could make a drug that would bind to Sirt1, then the body could be fooled into thinking that it needed to release fat, and then perhaps people could get the benefits of calorie restriction without the side effects.

This is why Resveratrol and Acai manufacturers believe they offer a fountain-of-youth because both two products have SIRT1 Proteins.

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