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Anti-Aging: Secret New Discovery

You can slow down the aging process by embracing a secret new discovery which shows you how to reduce the stress contributing to the acceleration of the aging process. Your discovery journey begins when you ask yourself the key question – “How do I eat?”

To benefit from this discovery you can use these steps. They cause you to see your eating experience in a new way.

1. Decide to Eat at A Table With Loved Ones

Chose to never again eat in front of a TV. The question – “How do I eat?” needs to be followed by another – “Where do I eat?”

Choosing to eat at a table with loved ones enables you to get attention off the news of the day and on to your health. Your digestive system will thank you for making this choice. And reward you with a reduction of indigestion challenges that can come from viewing upsetting news whilst eating.

2. Make Yourself Eat Slowly Take One Bite at A Time

Even if you feel like you could eat a mountain of food keep squashing your appetite. Keep control of your food intake at every meal especially if you’ve reached the babyboomer years (were you born 1946-64?).

The key secret discovery is that when you eat slower you enable your body to get the greatest benefit from the food you are consuming. Not only is absorption of nutrients better, the elimination of waste is much improved.

You will be truly amazed as you put this little secret to the test. Try exercising all he control you can with eating slowly for three days at all meals and you will observe first hand your system rewarding you with regular and improved elimination. This benefit has proven to give a sense of wellness to those who follow the system. Some would say this has extended their life by preventing bowel cancer.

3. Forgive Before You Partake of Your Meal

The question – “How do I eat?” also needs to be followed by another – “What’s my attitude to those I’m eating with?” Forgive them for all the wrong they done you before you sit down to eat with them. Make peace with them and you’ll be at peace within yourself which will be a blessing to your digestive system.

Expect and work at maintaining a peaceful atmosphere whilst eating and you will find your meals are completed without the development of raging headaches.

These steps will make sure as the years roll on that you’re getting the best out of all the food you consume. Malnutrition will be a thing of the past and you will age at your best pace.

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