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Anti Aging Skin Care – Recovering the Elasticity of Your Skin

When one thinks of aged skin, wrinkled and hardened skin comes to mind. So too does the droopy look of skin that hangs where it once stretched tightly. All of these problems can be blamed entirely upon a gradual loss in elasticity. Losing elasticity is a natural part of the aging process, and one that the best anti-aging products will seek to reduce or reverse.

The main culprit in the gradual decrease of elasticity is the decline of the body’s natural hydration system. The process of keeping our bodies hydrated includes the production of various oils to keep bodies naturally moisturized. Too much of these oils can cause acne problems during the younger stages of life, but as we age, the opposite problem begins to happen, as the body’s oil production slows down significantly.

Additionally, as we age, our bodies produce less of the protein collagen and perspire less, both of which contribute to a loss of hydration. The end result of skin that is not adequately hydrated is a loss of elasticity.

Anti-aging products ideally will provide an adequate moisturizer with collagen that will help rehydrate the skin in order to regain the elasticity it has lost. Shea butter is often used in these products because it contains a number of natural oils and vitamins to replenish those that have been lost. Protection against the sun is also vital to the product, since already dried out skin will only lose further moisture through inadequate protection from the sun.

The fight against losing elasticity is an ongoing part of the aging process, but one that can be successful through the careful selection of the right anti-aging products.

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