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Anti Aging Skin Care – What You Need to Do to Have Youthful Skin

During life our skin battles against internal and external factors and the signs slowly show as we age. Time, weather damage and diet are the main factors why there are endless amounts of products for aging skin care. But rather than listing a bunch of products, let’s take a look at what really matters: the preventative natural remedies available to reduce the skin aging process.

Our society has basically molded us to think that being old, having wrinkles or a few skin lesions is something that you definitely have to do something about. Beauty is something that everyone strives for since we are bombarded with advertising that show their most recent “it-girl” with a perfect complexion (of course digitally altered photographs). Consciousness about being beautiful and having a beautiful complexion is something we want, starting from your early teens when those first acne lesions appear.

The Sun

After using most of your teens trying to get that perfect tan, you hit 25 and in a blink of an eye, you hit 30. All those reckless teenage years where you avoided sun protection just because you wanted to get more tanned than that other girl are unfortunately showing. Take a look in the mirror lady, what damage can you have made?

Even though hot summer days should be appreciated and enjoyed, you must know that the sun is the number one factor that causes premature aging. If you didn’t protect your skin in your teens, you’ll probably notice that dark, uneven patches on your skin are appearing on your forehead, cheeks, arms and hands. Better known as dark, liver or age spots, these marks are due to excessive, unprotected sun exposure.

If you are 30 and are already experiencing these hyperpigmentation problems, you need to act fast to prevent further skin damage. The best way of preventing age spots is to use a sunscreen with a SPF higher than 15, year around. Yes, year around because the sun can be equally damaging during the colder months of the year.

The Weather

Weather conditions are also a factor that makes us prematurely age. During summer the major factor that can accelerate the skin aging process is the sun, but we have already covered that topic. Let’s move on to what fall and winter can do to your skin.

Due to the temperature and humidity drop in the air your skin will suffer from dryness. Who wants dry, pale and dull looking skin? Well, not me. To keep your skin properly hydrated you need to implement a moisturizing cream that is a little bit thicker than your regular moisturizer. This will help your skin to face colder climates without depleting it from its essential oils that otherwise lubricates your complexion. It’s essential to keep an extra eye on areas of your skin that you expose the most, which would be your face, neck and hands.

The Diet

You might have heard, “you are what you eat”. This applies not only to your weight, but it also shows in your skin. If you live a life filled with junk foods that don’t really contain nutrients that your skin needs, your skin will have a dull appearance. In fact, deep fried foods, full fat diets and refined carbs are actually known as age accelerators.

Foods that you should implement to your anti aging skin care habit are a healthy and balanced diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, chicken and fish are essential and very nutritious foods you should have in your diet. This will not only help with your complexion but it will also help you to feel better.

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