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Anti Aging Skin – Tips For Looking 10 Years Younger Than Your Age

It seems that as women age, we all have roughly the same aging concerns – wrinkles, keeping a trim figure, cellulite, eye puffiness and our general health. Knowing how to deal with each of these can be priceless as we get older.

Let’s look at some ideas for dealing with each of these aging concerns.


Forget all the hype about cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Your best bet is to find a good quality wrinkle cream that works for your skin type.

A good wrinkle cream will provide all the benefits that cosmetic surgery can provide, but without all the risk and cost that comes with cosmetic surgery.

A good wrinkle cream can banish wrinkles and fine lines and provide anti aging benefits in the form of antioxidants and retinol. As well, a good cream will provide the benefits immediately and with no recovery period.

Trim figure

Keeping a slim figure as you age is difficult. Your metabolism changes and it can be harder to keep a trim, taut figure. But you can do it if you keep a good diet and continue to exercise.

A good diet means eating mostly whole foods and avoiding sugars, flours and foods that rank high on the glycemic index. It means eating smaller portions and avoiding binge eating.

Exercise helps to keep your body tones and it can help you rev up your metabolism. Combined with diet, it’s a surefire way to keep that figure trim and fit as you age.


This one affects most of us at one time or another. Those telltale cottage cheese thighs are unattractive and troubling. What exactly can you do for them?

Your best bet is to use a good quality cellulite cream. These creams report a high success rate if you use them very consistently.

Eye puffiness

Certainly, there are many lifestyle factors you can change to reduce the puffiness around the eyes – stop smoking, drink less caffeine and get enough sleep. But aside from those things, it’s also best to try using a good quality eye cream.

A good eye cream can reduce puffiness and reduce the look of fine lines around the eyes. The combination of benefits will help to make your eye look younger, which also makes your whole face look younger.

Health and energy levels

It’s normal as you age to worry about how to fight disease and how to maintain the energy levels you enjoyed in your youth.

One of the best ways to help fight disease and maintain high energy levels is to eat a diet that full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in the most colorful foods you can find – the greens of broccoli and spinach, the red of peppers and tomatoes, the yellow of summer squash and the pink of salmon.

In all this antioxidant talk, also don’t forget about green tea and the benefits of legumes.

So you see? Managing the general concerns isn’t too difficult if you know what to do. Graceful aging is within your reach.

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