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Anti Aging Supplements – Dr Oz’s Hidden Anti Aging Secret – The Resveratrol Tip

We may be one step closer to finding the right anti-aging supplements as the National Geographic reported in February 2009 on their findings in to a seven year extensive study into the “Secrets of the Blue Zones”.

Here their findings illustrated that the common known methods of strengthening the body through a rich calcium intake were paramount to longevity.

Of the four blue zones which were outlined as the centenarian hot spots, calcium was at the center of the debate.

In two of these four hot-zones, calcium was paramount.

The first in Nicoya, Costa Rica where their drinking water is described as the hardest in the world.

The second in Sardinia, where a staple serving of goats milk and local Pecorino cheese provided a powerful daily consumption of calcium.

Calcium is great one of two reasons. The first is that it strengthens your bones, joints and muscles, and the second that it relaxes your arteries.

Strong bones are crucial to longevity as a simple trip or fall can be devastating if your bones are brittle.

Having relaxed arteries is also vital. More than overlooked is how we treat our arteries as these are the tubes which deliver all our crucial elements to our organs. Having a stressed artery over time may eventually lead to heart disease or even heart failure.

However, ever since the discovery of Resveratrol, anti aging supplements have come into a new era.

Extracted for the skin of the red grape, this polyphenol is a fungi which helps fight off bacteria, and if consumed has been observed to function as an organic artery scrubber.

Developed in partnership with Lonevinex and Xi’an Elephant Sci & Tech Co., Ltd, resveratrol in tests has shown it: “Delays age-related deterioration and mimics transcriptional aspects of dietary restriction through extending life span”. Cell Metabolism 2008 Aug;8(2):157-68.

Originally, Resv came to light through observing how the French managed to stay so thin due to a diet so high in dairy products. However, since the Resv argument came to light again after the findings that Sardinian’s hold the male centenarian record, these two companies have been conducting extensive research in to producing this on the market.

Unfortunately the volume of Resv in Sardinia is three times as high as you will find in the west due to pesticide farming techniques, which restrict the grape from forming natural Resv, so you won’t get your resveratrol kick from supermarket wine.

However, resveratrol is now sold in the bottle, and each bottle contains 60 capsules which is the equivalent to roughly 1000 bottles of Sardinian red wine so the concentration is obviously high!

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