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Anti-Aging Vitamins – The Best From the Bottle

Anti aging vitamins are necessary for fighting free radicals that cause oxidative stress and the aging process. A free radical is an unstable molecule which runs amok, puncturing cell membranes, destroying enzymes and weakening arteries. They do occur naturally but are also generated by UV radiation, environmental pollutants and food additives to name a few.

Anti-oxidants are the protective force against free radicals. Anti aging vitamin supplements assist in one way by increasing the intake of anti-oxidants. The other key strategy is to avoid free radical exposure.

Although the key anti-oxidants overlap they all have special skills so a variety is required. Note; if you are taking any type of medication, seek medical advice before using anti ageing vitamins.

The six essential anti-aging vitamins are;

Vitamin C – This powerhouse anti-oxidant is the workhorse of the detox system, invariably under-supplied, anti aging vitamin c that lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, fights colds and flu, increases sperm production and is a great cancer fighter. This water soluble blood specialist should be buffered (buffered vitamin C offers the same benefits of regular vitamin C and is ideal for those with sensitive stomachs. Buffered vitamin C contains small amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium to help with digestion and provide the “buffering” effect) and should always contain bioflavonoids. One of the main activities of bioflavonoid is to scavenge free radicals.

Vitamin E – vitamins supplements act as a powerful antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals in the body that cause tissue and cellular damage. Helps to prevent hardening of the blood arteries, maintains healthy formation of red blood cells, helps repair cell damage and skin repair.

Combine Vitamin E with Vitamin C to maintain healthy Circulatory System,

Vitamin A – also has antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals in the body that cause tissue and cellular damage, also called retinol, helps keep your eyes, skin and mucous membranes moist. It also plays an important role in proper bone formation, reproduction and vision.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – ALP is often called the master anti-oxidant as it recycles vitamins C+E. Helps control blood sugar and cholesterol, detox the liver and protect from cataracts.

CoEnzyme Q10 – Another key anti aging vitamin, Increases circulation, supports heart health. Millions of Japanese are prescribed this nutrient as a mainstay in the treatment of heart disease.

Grape seed Extract – Derived from grape seed extract Grape seed (Vitis vinifera [Latin]) contains powerful phytomedicines that provide multiple benefits to the body, including pain relief, anti-inflammatory action, and free radical protection. Moderate allergic and inflammatory responses, supports the immune system, slow aging and strengthen and repair connective tissue, including that of the cardiovascular system. A great anti aging product.

Depending on anti aging vitamins alone is not the answer to optimum health, to develop a nutritional strategy for the best health start with the most nutritious diet possible. This means a balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and protein.

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