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Antioxidants – The Pros and Cons of Antioxidants

I’m sure at some point in time over the last few years you have heard of antioxidants. Whether on television or through media, it is evident that they play a big role in keeping our bodies younger and healthier. Most people (myself included) agree that they are an amazing resource at helping our bodies and can give numerous benefits. It is important though, to also take a look at some of the overlooked negative aspects.

Pros of Antioxidants:

  • Can help boost immune system
  • Protect us from numerous diseases by eliminating free radicals in our body
  • Are easy to obtain through certain foods such as fruits or vegetables
  • Can be obtained through supplements if not eating enough fruits or vegetables
  • Can possibly protect us from mental diseases and reduce symptoms related to aging

Cons of Antioxidants:

  • Too many can actually damage your body and lower your immune system
  • It can be difficult to get all the required amounts because not all fruits and vegetables are created equal (Ex. Some may contain Vitamin C while others contain Vitamin E)
  • Taking supplements to make up for foods can be dangerous depending on the dosage because it can interfere with our body’s natural state
  • Free radicals are only eliminated on a one to one basis (For every serving of fruit or vegetable consumed, only a small amount of free radicals are eliminated)
  • Ingesting too much Vitamin A could cause DNA damage
  • Too much Vitamin E can form pro-oxidants and increase cellular damage

Based on the pros and cons shown above, it is evident that antioxidants are an important and useful tool in anti-aging when used properly. The problem is that many people don’t know exactly how many to consume as well as where to get them from. It can be hard to figure out whether or not you are taking too much of one food, causing it to hurt instead of help you. I myself struggled with trying to find the right foods to eat as well as the right proportions. Eventually, I gave up because it was too hard and I didn’t have the time to plan out what vitamins I was or wasn’t getting. Fortunately, fighting free radicals through supplements and food is not the only way! Many people are oblivious to just how easy it can be to fight free radicals naturally and reverse the effects of aging on the body. Perhaps the greatest discovery is that this all natural way, has no negative side effects that can be brought on by consuming too many antioxidants.

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