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Are Anti Aging Skin Care Creams a Waste of Money?

The popularity of anti aging skin care products has caught the interest of consumer protection groups. Are consumers wasting their money? Are the advertising claims truthful? Here’s what the investigators found out.

Many of the products are advertised as anti-wrinkle creams. They cost as much as $100 per ounce. Most are nothing more than moisturizers.

The research groups found that the expensive creams were not noticeably more effective than the cheapest ones. On the average, a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth was all that could be measured.

Of course, the group did not do a long-term study. Scientific studies concerning specific compounds sometimes run for three months or longer. Some compounds are able to provide a 30% reduction in wrinkle depth after that length of time.

It seems that consistency and effective ingredients are the keys. Consistency means applying the creams daily as part of your regular skincare routine, usually before your makeup, after makeup removal at bedtime or both.

The more often the creams are used, the more benefit they will provide. That’s common sense.

The effective anti aging skin care ingredients include nutritional formulas, primarily antioxidants. The ineffective ones include things like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

While those ingredients may provide a temporary improvement, it is not long-lasting. Some customers report that the effect is lost by the time they get in the car to go to work.

The goal should be to improve the skin’s health and function, which will help to reduce the visible signs of aging. It is also important to protect the face from things like the sun, the wind and pollutants. Those things contribute to wrinkles, sagging, age spots and roughness. Focusing on protection will improve the results you see in the mirror.

One of the anti aging skin care ingredients that has proven to be most beneficial is a special form of coenzyme Q10. It is a relatively expensive ingredient, but some of the creams containing it are affordable.

There are some cheap products that list COQ10 as an ingredient, but they don’t contain the right form. So, people don’t see the results they expect. There’s not much the consumer can do about it.

The companies that use the wrong form do not make specific claims about their products. They are simply aware that people know of the value of COQ10.

The bottom line is that some anti aging skin care creams are effective. It just takes a little research to find them.

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