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Best Anti-Aging Face Cream Secrets

Like it or not we all age, aging is a natural process that can not be stopped, however most of the signs of aging like wrinkles and face lines are the result of many years of unhealthy habits, lack of skin care, over exposure to the sun, too much alcohol, smoking, cosmetic with chemicals and pollution create free radicals that damage the skin over time.

Free radicals oxidation is one of the main causes of skin aging, most people dont worry about while they are young, but as we reach our 30s, the effects start to show up. Following a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent the formation of wrinkles and keep the skin smooth, however some times this is not enough.

Anti aging face creams are a great help for people that want to slow the skin aging process or want to remove wrinkles, but for many people that have tried a wide range of anti aging creams the results have been negative.

Why you need an Anti aging Facial Cream

Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat multivitamins, as we age the body loses its ability to produce some essential proteins called collagen and elastin. Those proteins are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis of the skin, lack of those proteins makes the skin flacid and dull.

An good anti aging face cream should be able to increase your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, this way you will reduce wrinkles, smooth your skin and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Here is what a skin care anti wrinkle cream should do:

– It should stimulate your skin to create new collagen and elastin

– It should contain potent anti oxidants to protect your skin

– It should contain only natural ingredients or compounds that are safe to use

The problem with many creams in the market is that they are made with harmful chemicals that cause irritation, inflammation and dryness in the skin. What you should do is buy only natural creams made of organic ingredients proven to diminish the effects of aging.

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